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    March 30th, 2016

    Whether you’ve recently accepted your first post-college job and are excited to begin saving for retirement or have been squirreling away money for years in a savings account and are tired of earning abysmally low interest rates, you may be eyeing the investment market with interest. Many analysts view investing in the stock market as one of the only reliable [...]

  • Three Reasons To Get A Mortgage Loan Bef...

    March 2nd, 2016

    You and your family may be excited to finally start looking at new houses to find one that will best suit all of you. You might already be making lists of qualities that you’d like your new home to have. However, to ensure you can buy the home of your dreams, it is a smart idea to secure a loan [...]

  • Just Hitched? 3 Money Tips To Grow Old T...

    November 2nd, 2015

    Congratulations on getting married! It’s a big step, but now that it is out of the way, you need to think about you’re going to handle your finances together. As you grow old, you are going to want to have a secure financial future. But how do you achieve it? Here are three tips to help you get started down [...]

  • 3 Tips For Saving For Retirement As A Co...

    October 2nd, 2015

    As a college student, retirement financial planning is probably in the back of your mind. With all of the expenses accumulated from paying tuition and books, it is incredibly easy to not give your retirement plan a second thought. However, you are never too young to begin saving money towards your retirement. The earlier you start, the more money you [...]

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should...

    August 1st, 2015

    If you are a small business owner who is going through a rough patch, you might need to take out a loan to keep things afloat. However, you might find that getting a loan isn’t as easy as you originally thought. There are many reasons why a bank might not let you take out one of these loans, such as [...]

  • How To Lower Your Property Tax Bill

    May 5th, 2015

    If you find that you can barely afford your property tax each year, it might be time to try and lower it. There are many ways to accomplish this, so stop struggling to pay a high property tax bill. It is possible that you can actually get it to a lower amount. File for a Tax Appeal The first thing you should [...]

  • Learn What To Do If You Become A Victim ...

    February 4th, 2015

    Being involved in a hit-and-run accident can be overwhelming. There are many people who have no idea what to do in that situation because it is something they never thought would happen to them. Use the following guide to learn what steps to take to ensure that you handle being in a hit-and-run properly, if the situation ever happens to [...]



Not all fast-cash loans are created equal. There are many similarities between fast-cash loan companies, but each company charges different fees and interest rates. The rates and fees they are allowed to charge vary by province. Read on to learn what the legal amount of interest is that a company can charge and how to find out if you are getting a fair interest rate on your fast-cash loan.



A cash advance can give you the money you need to get out of a bind. However, not everyone should take out a cash advance just because they need money. Knowing when to take a loan out and when to avoid it can help you avoid some of the common dangers that people experience when they take out a loan and do not have the means to pay it back.



If you are irresponsible with fast-cash loans, you can run into many problems with them. Using them responsibly and taking out a loan for what you know you can afford to pay back is the best way to use these loans. This can help you avoid potential pit-falls and dangers that people experience when they don’t use these loans how they are intended to be used.